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Laws regulating use of scooters in Cyprus

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

With three laws that were enacted on 14th July 2022 the use of personal mobility vehicles (scooters) was regulated in Cyprus.

The amendment to the relevant legislation, now stipulates that their permitted use on roads includes those with a maximum speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour, bike paths, as well as areas that form extensions of bike paths.

These vehicles can also be used in squares and sidewalks but only after this has been approved by the local municipality, council or community.

Moreover, the minimum age for the use of scooters has been set at 14, while the use of a helmet and high visibility vest at night time have been made mandatory.

The minimum equipment that such vehicles must have includes the brake system, front and rear lights, a bell and tyres.

A transitional period will apply allowing owners to get up to speed with the new regulations, particularly in terms of meeting minimum equipment requirements, as well as allowing rental companies to acquire the relevant permits.

Maximum permitted speed at 20 kilometres per hour

Zenox Public Affairs, representing the mobility company Bolt, advocated in favour of 20 kilometres per hour and achieved it, while the initial bill was providing 15 kilometres per hour.

The increase of the maximum permitted speed at 20 kilometres per hour is expected to attract more users, thus contributing to the mitigation of the huge traffic problem and the protection of the natural environment.


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