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The Lobbying Law Enters into Force in Cyprus

Updated: 4 days ago

In the complex interplay of politics and power, lobbying stands as a critical, yet often misunderstood, mechanism shaping legislation and reform across the globe. From the halls of the European Union, where financial lobbyists have influenced policies following major crises, to the pioneering transparency efforts in Cyprus with entities like Zenox Public Affairs, lobbying serves as a powerful tool for legislative transformation and civic education.

Through the lens of strategic influence and ethical considerations, the narrative of lobbying is reshaped, especially with the new and monumental law looking to take its place in Cyprus in March, 2024.

Lobbying has proven to be vital across various industries. In the financial sector, following the 2008 financial crisis, there was a significant opportunity for reform, largely due to the crisis's roots in lax regulation. Lobbying in Europe has the potential to positively influence decision-making by incorporating expert opinions and diverse viewpoints into legislative processes. This aligns with core democratic values like freedom of speech and the right to petition governments. Various European countries and EU institutions have been making strides to regulate lobbying activities.

This includes implementing mandatory lobbyist registers and enforcing transparency requirements to ensure lobbying aligns with principles of transparency, integrity, and equality of access. However, challenges like the “revolving door” phenomenon, where former officials become lobbyists, are being addressed to maintain a balance between corporate and civil society interests.

Shifting focus to Cyprus, Zenox has emerged as a significant player in this field. Zenox proudly stands as the first third-party lobbying company featuring in the Transparency Register. This step signifies a pioneering change towards greater transparency in public affairs and lobbying.

In addition to the comprehensive services already provided by Zenox, it also offers executive content of parliamentary affairs via Nomoplatform, an online database of national legislation. This platform serves as the nation's largest and most up-to-date database for bills, law proposals, and expert feedback on upcoming legislation.

The various policy innovations encouraged by Zenox play a crucial role in empowering citizens and stakeholders to actively participate in and influence the political process, thereby strengthening the democratic fabric of society. Zenox's inclusion in the Cypriot registry is a testament to Cyprus's commitment to this global trend towards greater transparency in public affairs.


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