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Lobbying with Zenox

At Zenox Public Affairs, we believe that policymaking can and should become public.

We believe that the best way to ensure a direct flow of communication between citizens and their elected officials is simply by bringing all stakeholders to the same table. And we are making that happen in Cyprus with transparent lobbying, evidence-based consulting, and direct access to legislation as it happens.

Negotiation and Mediation of Your Case

Our goal is to reach an outcome that is most favorable by strategically negotiating and mediating on your behalf with those who will have the most impact.

Legal drafting and delivery of legislation before the House of Representatives

We can directly lobby the House of Representatives with proposed legislation based on evidence-based and issue-specific consultations.

Access to Nomoplatform - The online database of national legislation

Access to our nation's largest and up-to-date database for bills, law proposals and expert feedback on upcoming legislation.

Legal advice and analysis

We work closely with experts in various fields: lawyers to provide a legal analysis of the relevant issue as well as other experts to prepare an evidence-based analysis to back up the respective case before the discussions with the policymakers.


the doors to lobbying.

From exploratory consultations to fully drafted legislation ready to deliver to Parliament—we work with engaged public and private citizens, civic organizations, and businesses that want to change the face of policymaking in Cyprus positively and transparently with better, more inclusive laws that don’t get stuck in red tape.


Healthy, transparent lobbying:


  • Gives citizens back their voice in government by building bridges with their elected officials.

  • Opens the doors to socially responsible businesses who wish to pursue their commercial interests openly.

  • Works to stamp out corruption and special interests by putting policymaking in the hands of anyone with a stake in a better, more sustainable future for our country.

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